Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting It Done

It's not always easy finishing off all the projects that I start but I'm trying. I just get distracted. My knitting and crafting can tend to be short attention span time, not because I intend to drop things halfway through, but because something new and exciting comes along and I just can't resist. I'm weak when it comes to yarn and fabric, I admit it.
This past week, I am proud to say, I finished off my bathroom rag rug that I have been in the process of making for awhile. The tile in my bathroom is yellow, jade green, and melon orange with some accents of black. It's lovely but it makes finding a bathroom rug a bit of a challenge. Any one of the colours should do on it's own, you would think, but none of them have worked. I went through my fabric stash and lo and behold I had enough of the colours in cotton fabric to make a decent sized bathroom rug. Fabric load lightened by quite a bit!
I also finished one scarf using the Yo Drop It pattern from Stitch and Bitch Nation by the lovely Debbie Stoller. I combined three different yarns to make one: one strand of some leftover Kureyon from Noro, one strand of Cascade 220, and one strand of Filatura di Crosa 501, to make a yarn a bit thicker than what the pattern called for. It's a cute chunky scarf and it will be perfect for winter in Portland.
This week I'm going to finish up a few things while waiting to hear back from the jobs that I posted resumes to. (One of these days someone is going to hire me!) The first thing I'm going to finish is the Vintage Armwarmers pattern that I've been working on, a pair of cute crocheted armwarmers with a twist. Tune in later on this week for the surprise and the free pattern!
I'm also working on a cute transitional cardigan in another combination of yarns from my stash, and I'll be posting that pattern here as well. It's a quick knit at two and a half stitches per inch and the perfect beginner project if you want to branch out from scarves. Like most of the jumpers and cardigans that I do it's a top down raglan. Easy peasy.
I also finished the Cloud Bolero by Ysolda Teague. she used Rowan Polar, (now discontinued), which, because it contains alpaca, I can't use. I did, however, have some Autunno from Di've, a luscious 100% merino wool, in a dark inky blue and purple mix. It has a subtle variegation which worked well with the Old Shale pattern that is used in the cardigan. Usually I shy away from the variegated yarns when working with a stitch pattern but this worked well. All I need to do now is go down to the Button Emporium and find the perfect ribbon to use as a tie.
Well, my cold is getting the better of me and I'm off to bed. Is there anything more annoying than a summer cold? Other than the construction going on in the parking area of the business that faces my apartment building that is. Good night and good luck!

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